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  • How to start camming: Tips from a camgirl

    463Studio camming

    Hi there, my name is Amber, I’m 26 and I’m an experienced cam girl, working with 463Studio. I’m writing this article tell you why camming has become the fastest and easiest way to make money online, irrespective of where you are and especially for young, attractive people like you. I’ve worked with many cam studios in my life and I know what it takes to achieve success in the camming industry. You have to be a friendly and fun person on camera.
    Directing traffic to your chat room is important, but what’s even more important is to turning them into paying customers! Camming can give you huge earnings and a new way of living your life. Work from home, no bosses, schedules and all the other problems of a regular job. When camming, you set the rules and your own hours. Keep reading to know what makes camming the perfect choice to make money from home. 

    What’s the best cam studio for camming?
    Before sorting out the basics, you have to choose a good cam studio for your camming efforts. I’ve worked for many cam studios in the past with mixed results. Sometimes due to my lack of experience and others because the cam studio was not good enough. Fortunately, all my problems are gone. Now I work for 463Studio and I'm making over $2,200 a week. I can tell you one thing. It can be disheartening to work several hours a day without the desired results. All of that can be avoided if you choose a quality studio like 463Studio,
    Start broadcasting every day at the same hours and you’ll make your regular followers list bigger and bigger which will eventually increase your paying customer list. My advice is to broadcast no less than 4 hours a day. My camming time goes from 4 to 6 hours a day. You can broadcast more if you want of course. There are no obligations and you can broadcast as much as you want.

    463Studio camming

    Tools required for camming
    Computer or laptop: Camming is a great way to make lots of money online, but you need the right gear first. Firstly, you need a computer or a laptop (preferably Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM or higher) if possible, because it will give you more freedom of movement and you’ll be able to take it wherever you want: your bedroom, the shower, the kitchen… imagine the possibilities. Introduce some camming show is in the variety. Broadcasting every day from the same bedroom is boring. Give your viewers different shows along the week and you’ll be rewarded. 

    Webcam: Laptops usually come with one, but it’s better to buy one separate HD webcam for better quality pictures video streaming. Most people use Logitech c920 webcam. They’re affordable, reliable and give great results.

    High-speed connection: You need a broadband internet connection. The higher the upload speed the better. Remember that you are sending video out to the world. That’s why upload speed is crucial. 5 to 10 Mbps is enough to start camming.

    A good location: When camming you need to be focused on what’s really important: Your show, and your audience. Prepare a room exclusively for your shows where no one disturbs you. Lighting is important, so make sure you have a well-lit room before starting to broadcast. Picture quality will be much better in a well-lit room and your viewers will appreciate that.
    Aside from that, there are no other requirements except being 18+ years old. Just follow your cam studio’s rules and you’ll be fine.

    Additional equipment

    Toys: Many cam girls use sex toys while camming. It’s a great solution when you are alone and don’t have a partner to cam with. There’s a special type of toy called Ohmibod. It’s a dildo that vibrates every time a customer tips. Depending on the tipped amount, the length and strength of the stimulation vary, so it’s quite common to see girls having multiple orgasms thanks to the Ohmibod. When I'm offline, I like to watch shows of girls that use the Ohmibod. It’s quite fun to see them camming while the thing does its job everytime someone tips.

    Lingerie: Having a great selection of outfits can greatly help your camming performance. Many cam
    girls use layers that they can take off to keep people tipping till the broadcaster is naked. Set up a tip menu with the amount of token you’d like to get to perform a certain action like showing your boobs, removing your bra, etc. Use different outfits along the week and buy special themed outfits for special occasions.

    Lighting: I said earlier that lighting is important. Try to broadcast from a bedroom with at least one window. If there are no windows, just make sure to invest in lighting. Webcams and all types of cameras like well-lit rooms as well as your audience. If you see the top chat rooms you’ll see they all are well lit and it’s easy to see the performers, so please, do not broadcast from dark rooms. Play a bit with the position of lights and make some testing to choose the perfect combination.

    Wireless keyboard: A laptop can give you freedom while camming, but to get the most out of your camming experience, I recommend you to get a wireless keyboard. That way you’ll be able to move around, chat with your customers from the couch/bed and you won’t have to sit next to the computer all the time. Now you can even buy wireless keyboards with a touchpad like the one that comes with laptops so you’ll be able to use the mouse as well from just one device. Logitech’s K400 would be my choice here. I’ve used it for years and it works great.

    Protecting your identity when camming
    Many people interested in camming, especially the ones who haven’t started yet, often express their concerns about being recognized while on cam. To solve this, 463studio for instance, allows you to block any state in the US or any other country in the world. That way you can broadcast in a discreet manner focusing only on what really matters, making money. The process to block a region is quite simple. The audience likes to watch their favorite girls in the flesh, so using a mask could be a turn-off.

    How much money can you expect to make camming?

    As I said, my current average earnings now are about $2,200 a week. But it wasn’t always like this. I’ve been working as a cam girl for eight months now, and my first months were a bit difficult. I even thought about quitting. If you manage to produce sexy, good looking pictures of you, more people will enter your room to know you. Then try to retain them as much as possible with a fun show and ask them nicely for tips.
    If they think you’re pretty and doing a good job, you’ll get some tips, no doubt. Just keep doing it every day and keep perfecting your skills. 
    Once you have more than 1k followers you’ll see how easy is to make over $800 in just a few hours. 463Studio is a very big cam studio, competition is high, but the crazy amount of traffic at any given time makes it the perfect platform to start camming.

    Other things you should take care of

    Choose a good performer name: Obviously and for privacy reasons you should choose a fake name as your performer name. It is advised to use an actual person name first and then something else. Do not just use a screen name like “CherryBum01”. You can use SleekyPuss, Wondercrush etc. At least that gives your audience the chance to call you by a name. I think that’s far better than using something generic.

    Choose carefully your payment method:  You can choose between e-wallets like Payoneer or Paxum. These last two are intended for people within and outside the US.
    Once you dominate all these things you’ll be ready to become a camming star.
  • Make Money in a Bad Economy: Become a Cam Girl

    make money as a cam girl even in a bad economy

    Take a few minutes break and search for ‘porn’ or ‘pornography’ on Google. You would be inundated with sites devoted to sex in different forms. You can watch it, book a sex appointment with a man or woman willing to have sex with you in your own home, or you can experience an online interactive hybrid of both, known as camming. With camming, you can have a live and interactive sexual session with a cam girl (or cam guy) streamed live to your computer via webcam. You can even pay for a private one-on-one show where you can speak to them, ask them questions, and even request that they do almost anything to satisfy your desires and fulfill a fantasy.
    The relative ease, comfort, and privacy offered to both the cam model and client, and because of the potential of making a huge income by a cam model, the popularity of these cam sites have increased to all-time high. A brief interview with a cam girl working with 463Studio throws some light on this highly lucrative job.

    What kind of person can do this to make money? 
    Anyone can do this and earn lots money irrespective of your sex, age, sexual preference or educational background. It only requires a basic ability to communicate in English.

    What equipments are needed to start working as a cam girl?

    • A webcam (HD Recommended) with microphone (e.g.: Logitech C525 HD Webcam)
    • Computer
    • Fast and Stable Internet Connection
    • Clean and quiet room where you can work in

    Which are the different categories of cam girls?
     Working as a cam girl does not automatically mean doing "hardcore" stuff all day. You can distinguish between three types of cam girls. However, the general rule is online: The more flesh a cam girl shows, the more money she can make.

    1: Softcore / Hot-Flirt
    The softcore area is the perfect market entry for most new cam girls who want to test the handling of the men and better understand some tricks of the trade. Here you can make a nice income without completely going naked or doing things which you are ready for yet. Many do not know that with simply chatting away with your client can earn you good money as a cam girl

    2: "Normal" cam girl / Erotic model
    Cam models in this category show more skin/flesh online. Thus, they tend to make a higher income than cam models in the softcore category. This usually involes erotic chats, posing in sexy lingerie, masturbation and dildo games or private erotic shows in front of the webcam. This attracts a lot more men into your chatroom.

    3: Hardcore / Amateur
    You'll find more experienced cam girls in this category. There is an unlimited opportunity to earn money in this category. Cam girls in this category make live sex videos right in front of the webcam. There is the possibility to upload personal live sex videos to build your own amateur porn brand. In this category, there are no limits and you can do what whatever you want.
    Conclusion: It always starts with the decision of how much you want to show of you. This decision you have to make alone. After that all doors are open to you. We wish you a lot of success as a cam girl and of course good revenue!

    Is anyone excluded from participating? 

    What is the average income for new cam girl?
    This depends on the amount of time spent online and few other factors. While some cam girls work during their spare time, some take it as a full-time job. Cam girls typically make between $2-$5 per minute, so from there it's pretty easy to the maths.

    Is it true that more viewers equal more money? 
    Totally true. The more viewers a cam girl has the higher her chances of making sales and converting those viewers into regulars. It's about driving traffic to a cam girl's profile page or chat room. 463Studio handles model promotion. This allows cam girls to focus on providing spectacular shows to their clients. 463Studio also helps by displaying cam models who spend more time online, higher up in the model list. Some viewers will convert to customers and regulars, so the higher the viewers at any time, the higher sales are.

    What looks should I have to be a successful cam girl?
    This is a question mostly asked my new cam models. Honestly, there really is no specific look. It's a known fact that people have different tastes. Likewise, different live cam customers have different tastes. The service cam models provide serves as an escape from reality into fantasy, and everyone’s fantasy is different. It would be better for every cam girl to focus on a niche they are comfortable with and maximize its potentials.

    What can a cam girl do to increase the number of viewers? 
    • Spend more time online.
    • Have customers leave a positive review on your profile.
    • Sign up at as many directory sites as possible, will all increase traffic.
    • Sign up with 463Studio to guarantee promotion and massive traffic.

        Who would you recommend this kind of job to, and why? 
        Webcam modeling is the kind of job open to anyone with dedication and hard work ethic. It is a highly lucrative job. Webcam modeling has lifted millions of people and families out of the prevailing poor economic situation in their countries. It requires the same amount of work as any other business, we just have more fun doing it.

        What can be done to stay anonymous, so no one recognizes my real life identity?
        It is important to protect your identity as a cam model. 
        NEVER use your real names in any profiles. 
        NEVER let customers pay you directly, always use an intermediary to help mask your identity. 
        NEVER give out your personal email address, phone numbers, etc. At the end of the day, there is a chance you will be recognized, for most, it happens sooner or later. 
      • 12 Benefits of Working As A Cam Model

        webcam model job work at home online

        Cam modeling is the only job where you get paid for simply chatting and having fun online. It’s free to join and you get paid to be naughty on webcam. Today we are going to discuss the immense benefits of earning your living as a cam model!

        Outlined below are 14 reasons you’ll love working as a cam model.

        1.       Lucrative and safe. Unlike many adult industry sectors, becoming a cam girl is one of the most lucrative professions available. On top of that working as a webcam model can be done from the comfort of your home with the assurance that no personal details will ever be shared with your paying clients.

        2.       You choose your own work schedules.  e.g.: 12am-3am, 5pm-10pm, 1pm-6pm etc. You can even work for 30 minutes or an hour. It’s all up to you.

        3.       Start and Stop whenever you choose. As a cam model, your work schedule is very flexible. You can cam and earn for just 20 minutes and then jump off to go make some food. You’re not under any work pressure or supervision by some boss. In cam modeling, you are the BOSS!

        Webcam Model job Lucrative
        4.       You choose your clients. Not only do you get to earn cool cash as a camgirl, you also get to choose your client. How wonderful! If you’ve ever worked in retail before, you’d understand how great you’d feel if you could choose not to talk or attend to some asshole customers! Well… guess what?  As a cam model, YOU CAN! – You can block anyone you want.

        5.       You make your own rules. No supervisor ordering you around and breathing down on your neck.  You only do what you’re comfortable with. The realization of being able to make lots of money from your live shows being streamed directly from your own room/apartment is great. This makes the cam job very worthwhile.

        6.       Cam jobs are super ego boosters. No matter your body size or sexual orientation, you are bound to receive loads of compliments from multiple customers.  You’ll basically be showered with compliments from different people who find you attractive and sexually appealing. Tell me who doesn’t like that?

        7.       You never meet anyone in person. As a camgirl, you’re privileged to be an online celebrity while also maintaining your privacy. Even if you really don’t like meeting people, you’ll rest assured that you’ll never have to meet any of your audience. This helps to reduce your inhibitions and boost your resolve with confidence to give a more compelling performance on webcam. It’s more like free therapy.

        8.       Discretion/Privacy. Working and earning so much money from home is a wonderful thing. An added benefit is the fact that no one knows how you’re making so much money! Cam models on 463Studio platform can have their privacy features set to block their home state and surrounding states (or countries). This a basic privacy standard in the camming industry. This means that you’re totally protected from familiar people. There is no chance of anyone you know finding out you’re a cam model. This is another great benefit to cam jobs.

        9.       NO STD (sexually transmitted diseases). Yeah! It’s just as clear and simple as that. Since you’ll only be engaging with your clients in cyberspace, you stand no risk of contracting STDs. 

        10.   Gifts and Tips. Another way you’ll benefit working as a webcam model is by receiving complimentary gifts and tips. It is not uncommon for your customers to willingly buy you gifts or give you bonus tips when impressed with your performance. Most camgirls do maintain wishlists on their profile. This enables their customers to know the exact gifts that’ll impress their favorite models. Even the address on the wishlist can be completely anonymous to maintain privacy. As a camgirl, you’ll get used to having gifts show up at your door! As a 463Studio Model, you won’t have to bother about privacy concerns while setting up your wishlists. We offer help setting up anonymous Amazon List for models on our platform.

        11.   All Info is private. All personal information given to 463Studio modeling agency is private. This means customers and third-parties NEVER have access to your personal details.

        12.   Weekly Payments. This is one of the greatest perks of being a cam model with 463Studio. Most camming agencies like 463Studio pay their models on a weekly basis. Most regular jobs simply don’t do that.

        To wrap up I can fully say that cam modeling is truly the ultimate way to earn from home! Don't Hesitate.

        Sign Up Today!
      • Webcam Chat Tips to Increase Income as a Webcam Model

        webcam model live chat

        Working as a live cam model can be very lucrative, especially if you learn to balance patience with the ability to enliven your client’s fantasies. It’s common to see most webcam modeling agencies offer a “free chat” sessions which serve to generate strong interest and drive traffic to their webcam models. 463Studio offers this model. The free chat session is the perfect opportunity to attract clients and create a fan base so that you can earn good money with your webcam job.
        During the free chat session, you get the chance to effectively put your flirting and teasing skills to use in order to get your client so sexually turned on that they think nothing more than to pay for a private chat with you. As a cam model, it is extremely important that you maximize the number of visitors to your free chat room to ensure maximum financial returns. Immediately you have an audience in your chat room, you should quickly begin to work your magic and make them go crazy with desire. You should make them have sexual fantasies about seeing you naked. As a webcam model, your goal is to make them yearn to know you and to ensure that their attention is totally fixed on you.
        While you tease your visitors in the free chat sessions, you should note that the harder you are to get, the more your viewers will lust after you, even if it means paying for virtual solo encounters with you. Most visitors in the free chat sessions would beg to see you naked. Try not to be angry. Simply tease them and let them know that this is something you are only permitted to do in private chats, that you can’t do it even if you want to. Invite them to see you naked in a paid private chat session. The more viewers in your free chat room, the higher your chances are of successfully selling them a paid show.
        The art of maintaining your viewers’ interest in your free chat room, isn't rocket science. Webcam modeling is based on virtual sex and erotica. So it is important to show off, actively pose and use sultry overtones to maintain a sexual overtone in your conversations. This is the key to getting your clients to pay for private chats. Be sure to use your sexiest voice if the audio feature is turned on. Always ensure to steer the conversation back to an erotic topic if it’s going in a different direction.
        It’s never a bad thing to have lots of visitors in your free chat room who are all vying for your attention and requesting for anything they can think of. As a matter of fact, it’s a good thing which should be capitalized on for maximum profit. After all, the more excited your audience are, the more your chances of selling paid shows. It is important to maintain control in your room. Allow comments from guests and visitors. This creates the impression that you’re a popular model and in high demand. You’ll look even more alluring and attractive to your audience. 
        NEVER try to control your client’s chat style. If they type in CAPS, don’t ask them to change that. It could easily cost you their attention which would hurt you financially.
        Finally, learn to flash sometimes during a free chat to encourage begging and demanding comments from your viewers, while also ignoring them. As a performer, incorporate laughing, teasing, flashing and flirting into your free chat sessions to drive your viewers crazy to the point where they will let go of their inhibitions and pay for a private show. Remember that your visitors are there for an erotic experience that fulfills their hidden fantasies which they probably find hard to fulfill at home.

        Apply as a Webcam Model
      • Sex Toys and Webcam Modeling

        Sex toys have come to occupy a large portion of our sexual consciousness. Extending way beyond private adult sexual life. Popularly known as "electric powered girlfriends or boyfriends", they play a very crucial and indispensable role in spicing up millions of relationships and ensuring attainment of orgasmic pleasure.
        The need for webcam models to spice up their chat session and create a real connection with their client is a major factor for the proliferation of sex toys in the camming industry. It is common to see cam models using kegel balls, Vibrators, Dildos or other toys to please their audience and themselves live cam chat sessions.

        Q: Why use sex toys for camming?

        To make more money

        Most clients will readily choose cam models who incorporate sex toys into their shows over those who do not. It is also a fact that models who incorporate sex toys into their shows earn a lot higher income than models who do not. Clients have different tastes when it comes to sex toys. This means that you may encounter a client who will request that you use a dildo while another might ask you to use a vibrator and another could request for some BDSM. The customer aims to fulfill his/her fantasy by seeking out cam models who have the features, personality and most importantly the tools to fulfill that fantasy. It should be noted that majority of your clients will most likely be sexually unsatisfied individuals, divorcees or individuals who are naturally shy and find it hard to hold a conversation with a beautiful woman in person. The use of sex toys in live chats with these clients will sharpen their sexual imagination and make the virtual sexual encounter more real. Most importantly, you'll earn more money.
        For new webcam models, it is advised to have sex toys readily available for your live chat sessions because of the need to ensure that your clients are totally absorbed and entranced by your show. You need to be prepared. Go shopping, browse through websites and pick a few sex toys that your customers may have been requesting in the past and which you're comfortable with. LELO offers a wide range of sex toys at great prices. Feel free to check them out

        To please your clients
        There are lots of times a client will request that a particular or any sex toys be used in a live cam chat. It is usually disappointing to the clients if the cam model doesn't have it. They might leave your chat room for another with sex toys to stimulate their fantasies.
        As a camgirl or camboy, your aim is to provide your clients with spectacular shows which will make them keep coming back for more and also to ensure that you have a steady stream of clients. To easily achieve this, be sure to have several sex toys nearby because every client has different tastes.
        Here at 463Studio, we educate new and existing camgirls on the importance of sex toys. We also give suggestions on where to get the best sex toy offers

        To attract more clients
        If you are having a hard time attracting or keeping clients in your chat room, you can change that by incorporating or improving your collection of sex toys. You need to not just rely on the old dildos you have used in your teens. Step up your game!
        It is not unusual to find straight guys using sex toys in live cam chat rooms. As stated in the previous article, it's all about attracting clients and helping them to fulfill a fantasy while earning cool and easy money. These are lots of self-confident straight guys who find it comfortable to perform in front of other guys using sex toys. This helps to increase their fan base because some clients will spread a good word about them to others in different chat rooms.

        Finding out which sex toy to have
        It is best to conduct a pool requesting your clients' opinion on the choice of sex toys they'd love to see you play with.
        This is a great method for new and existing webcam models to prepare their live performances according to the tastes of their clients. This method will bond the client easily to the model because the model fulfills the customer's fantasy.  
        As a new camgirl or camboy, you can start with few selection of sex toys that are popular; depending on your sexual preference and the gender you're targeting. 

        There are thousands of online and local stores that sell quality sex toys . Listed below are some sex toys you can invest in:

        They are battery operated sex toys and they stimulate a woman's clitoris and G-spot. It is used by camgirls to stimulate themselves while broadcasting in a chatroom.

        This is chosen by clients who have a fetish to explore using BDSM toys. They include a full line of bondage, BDSM, bondage restraints, sex mask and fetish items perfect for anyone just testing their limits or adding some spice.

        Anal toys refers to sex toys made to stimulate of the anus. Both females and males can participate in anal play, regardless of their sexual orientation. Examples are dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and anal beads

        Quite similar to vibrators but not battery operated. Dildo is a sex toy that has the shape and often the appearance of an erect penis, used in sexual stimulation. Great for improving a chat room session

        This is a vibrator that activates with sound or by remote control. Many camgirls program it to vibrate with the tips sound, which is makes a show fun to watch. It’s quite exciting to watch the girl having orgasms while the viewers tip her all the time. Can be exhausting, but lucrative!

      • How To Be A Straight Male Webcam Model | Camboy

        It’s hard for some heterosexual men to appreciate the truth about being a male webcam model. It’s a fact that most of the viewers of the live show will be male. This simply means that most of the time your viewers will be homosexual and bisexual men.
        The initial free and open chat session give you the opportunity to flirt and tease in order to get your customers so sexually turned on that they would think nothing more than paying for a private live chat session with you. As you know, private chats are the real money spinner for webcam models. As a webcam model, it is important that you maximize the number of visitors to your free chat room by working your magic and making them go crazy with a desire for you. Make them fantasize about seeing naked or simply seeing you perform certain acts. It is your ultimate goal to make them desire you and your attention.

        If you really desire to succeed at your job as a live male webcam model, you'll need to be very professional about it. It has been found that men are more visually stimulated than ladies are, irrespective of their sexual orientation. 

        As a webcam model, you’re an actor; putting on an act for an audience. It makes no difference who's in that audience. Some male customers who visit your profile will be turned on by the thought of "turning the straight guy out." It is not uncommon for them to try to woo you with the usual line that they can pleasure you more than a woman could. You really do not have to believe that or fall for their advances to PROFIT from it.

        To maximize your earnings as a male webcam model, you should learn to tease them. Allow them to fantasize on the prospect that you'd consider the giving in to their desire, or a some of it. The simple fact is that you're an actor. As you get used to acting this way, you'll feel more "natural” about it. After all, you’re only acting. Those men are not going to meet you, talk to you in real life, touch you, or expect anything from you, in real life. Sometimes, those men would request a cam2cam private chat with you. We always suggest that you accept those offers. These sessions usually last longer and therefore pay higher than one-way private live chat sessions where you're the only one on cam.

        As a straight male cam model, you might feel awkward to this kind of cam2cam performance, but with time, you’ll overcome that. After all, it’s all done virtually, not in real life. Some male webcam models deliberately watch porn or look at images of naked women while in chat with a gay client. We advise that you take a peek often to see what position your gay client is currently in, to make it seem like you're focused on him. Actors should what they need to do to make a performance convincing and interesting.

        Finally, it is very important to be open minded about your job and to keep in mind that you're only acting, These prerequisites could help any straight male model profit immensely from the multi-billion dollar camming industry. It's the attitude you put forth that matters.

      • Tips For New Couple Webcam Models

        Webcam Modeling is by no means restricted to singles. Couples have for long featured prominently in the webcam modeling scene.  It should also be noted that camming as a couple is just as lucrative (some say even more) as camming as a solo performer. The key to success is knowing how to put on a captivating show that satisfies your audience. Below are some tips for couples venturing into webcam modeling. These should help you in that direction:

        Being Properly Prepared
        In cam modeling, as in all entertainment jobs, your presentation is everything. Ensuring that the images you put out there are crystal clear helps to gain and retain customers. It is recommended that you use a high-speed Internet connection [1Mbps or higher] and a HD webcam. Ensure that your work area including your background don't contain anything that can act as a distraction from your performance. Your work area should be arranged in a way that makes you and your partner the center of attention during your broadcasts. This simply means a well-lit and uncluttered work area.
        While preparing for your performance, ensure to dress appropriately. Both performers should be well-groomed and put on suggestive clothing like skimpy bikinis or spandex or something similar. The female partner's outlook should appear sexually suggestive, while the man should accentuate certain parts of his anatomy.
        Props like sex toys and domination equipment shouldn't be left out of the scene especially if the couple is inclined towards it. The cam couple should be flexible in their performance to allow suggestions from their viewers. Being open to their suggestions will make them feel a sense of inclusiveness in the live performance. That feeling is one major reason why your customers opt for a live webcam show rather that viewing regular porn videos. It makes them feel like you really care about satisfying their desires and this goes a long way in helping you retain customers.

        Expand Your Customer Base Using Free Chat Feature
        Free chat allows performers to establish rapport with their customers. It is a great way to acknowledge your customers and encourage them to spend money. Be friendly and flirty with them. A warm smile on your faces makes your customers very comfortable with you. It is important for the performing couple to keep the woman in front most times because the image of a female is always more appealing to the majority male viewers. She should be the one fielding most of the questions.
        Maintaining a positive attitude, and being polite and flirty with the customers is a sure way of "breaking the ice" between the viewers and performers. It is also a sure way to encourage your clients to pay.  The man should act somewhat indifferent or as just as one of the guys with the viewers, while the female partner should appear as sexy as possible.  The male partner should allay any fear or shyness some clients might harbor by encouraging them to ask his female partner suggestive questions (not rude). The objective is to entice them to return as paid customers, not drive them away. The quality of a successful webcam couple is their ability to keep their viewers' interest high during the entire performance. This can be achieved by striking up witty conversations with their audience and having a good laughing with them while keeping the performance on.

        Webcam sessions can sometimes be lengthy, especially when you have clients with a large purse. Be prepared by having any props you plan to use during your performance accessible. Remember to keep some water and snacks on hand. Leaving the chat to go fetch a prop except when necessary isn't such a great idea.
        There's the need for a high level of intimacy between the couple. Customers love to watch you engage in intimate acts. Be it sex or intimate kissing. It is also advised to show a lot of flesh during a free chat session but keep the "main packages" for paid customers. Teasing your clients on free chat is a good way to encourage them to opt for a paid chat. Be sure to clearly state on your profile what your clients should expect in free chat and what the can expect in a paid chat. This prevents misunderstandings between you and your clients.

        What You Should Know About Group Chat
        A paid group private chat also known as Premium chat is a wonderful way to make money while chatting with a group of customers. This entails servicing a group of clients at the same time. The webcam couple must learn to properly manage requests from such large group to avoid an overwhelming barrage of requests. Do not let your clients feel left out or ignored. Inform them all ahead of time that you'll be honoring everyone’s requests. A major advantage of a cam couple is that you work as a team and keep better track of customers requests than a solo performer. Make suggestive responses to their requests like "...can't wait to try that sugar" or “I'm so hot for you right now". Note that responses like these, coupled with an excellent performance will make the customer feel good and come back for more.
        When you encounter an unruly customer, or you're demanded to perform an act which you don’t want to do, calmly explain to him your reason for declining his request. You can suggest something similar to his request which you're comfortable doing. Such events seldom occur, but it also shows how important it is to enumerate what your DOs and DON'Ts in your profile to avoid such situations. If a customer becomes troublesome, don't lose your cool. He/She usually gets tired and leave. On the contrary, if he persists, simply make use of the "Block" feature on your dashboard provided for such an eventuality.
        In the eventuality of such disturbance, don't get discouraged from attaining success as a webcam couple. Most of the clients you’ll encounter online are friendly and very generous.

        About Private Chats
        Private chats provide the customer with a more personalized and intimate experience with you, the performer. The fact that you must discuss beforehand exactly what you and your partner are comfortable doing on webcam cannot be overemphasized.
        Since you'll be performing for a single person in a private chat, it is important to know have an idea of what excites and interests your client. To get an idea of what your customer enjoys, you should begin the session with slow rhythm and then proceed to gradually increase the excitement. Ensure that the attention is focused on pleasing your client and not entertaining each other to avoid alienating him. Remember that your client has paid extra to have an exclusive show with you. Cultivate the habit of always looking into the camera when addressing them. Ensure to make them feel as if they are taking part in the performance and that you both are excited to have them join in.

        Some Important Tips to Remember
        Establishing a lasting relationship with the clients is very important to success as a solo performer or as a cam couple. Remembering little things such as a client’s name, or nickname, will help to create an atmosphere of familiarity between you and your clients and keep them coming back for more.
        Keep your profile updated with your latest, sexiest and most attractive pictures as often as possible to attract new clients to visit your page. Since it's impossible for you to be online 24/7, you should endeavor to include very attractive pictures and other accepted media in your profile to attract new clients while you're offline.
        Choosing to receive messages from your viewers isn't a bad idea. They could be simple greetings or comments about your looks and performance. It's easy to create and maintain a fan base this way. Taking the initiative to message a customer you haven't heard from in a while is also a great way of showing that you care and think about them.
        We should also stress the need to never, ever disclose any personal information to a client. If your client insists that you give out your personal information, tell them that you're not comfortable revealing private information online. If they persist, BLOCK them. You online privacy should always be considered while interacting with your clients online.

        Why Hesitate?  Sign Up As A Cam-Couple
      • Webcam Modeling Is More Lucrative Than Ever!

        Webcam Modeling lucrative jobs

        With the Internet, there is endless possibilities for people who choose to work directly from their homes. The familiarity, privacy and most importantly, the comfort of these environment makes it possible for virtually every career avenue to be explored. Lots of these online job opportunities also provide unlimited earning potential as a bonus. A webcam modeling job (Camming job) is a sure means to a completely new, exciting and highly rewarding life. Especially when working with 463Studio.
        In recent years, webcam modeling also known as "camming" has become one of the most profitable jobs that can be performed within the comfort and privacy of your own home with no investment. Webcam modeling is gradually becoming mainstream and is now fully recognized as a lucrative profession which is available to any adult (male or female) who is ready to take the plunge. With high-tech video/audio components already embedded in all standard computers, it is easier than ever to start earning big cash by simply streaming live, via webcam for an ever increasing and available audience.
        camgirls earn easy money
        It is a fact that webcam modeling, just like every other job has few drawbacks that must be considered. As a webcam model, you can be asked to perform intensely explicit sexual acts on camera. You could also encounter rude clients who pass derogatory remarks at you to upset you. These and some few others are factors that can take much of the fun out of the job. It should be noted that anyone who intends to enter the camming industry as a webcam model needs to be prepared to fulfill their end of the bargain. Luckily, there are effective channels and tools available to webcam models to address most of such issues.
        Among the benefits of working as a performer in the camming industry is the huge financial reward of being a successful cam model and the comfort of working from your own home which saves you lots of money, time and stress. It is very similar to getting paid to simply socialize with other like-minded adults who show great appreciation for your free spiritedness and reward you with good cash.
        At 463Studio, you are assured of reaching your highest earning potential on a safe and supportive platform. We truly promote and supports cam models working on its platform. There is a plethora of relevant tips, tools and articles available to cam models on our platform. These free online resources help performers and agents boost earnings. Live cam girls who work with 463Studio have a huge advantage over their counterparts because their profiles appear on over two thousand (2,000) different adult web sites simultaneously. This greatly increase their chances of getting more exposure with less effort which translates to more customers and more earnings. This simply means that each model will be able to reach an extensive and wider audience without having to register with different camsites.
        Camming is the perfect job opportunity for all
        It does not matter if you are overweight, a BBW, Thin, Bisexual, Transsexual, Gay or a Fetish enthusiast. There will always be paying customers with diverse interests and sexual preference who want to visit your personal online site.
        A cam model’s job entails bringing to life her clients’ sexual fantasies and indulging in virtual sexual activity with varieties of customers who gladly pay for her time. Sometimes, you could engage in sex with a partner of your choice as a live audience watches. It’s a great feeling to know that lots of people from around the world are enthralled by the sight of your body and are also willing to pay.

        Final Note

        We intend to make our blog an information resource dump which will be helpful to both experienced and inexperienced webcam models. There is so much money to be made in the multi-billion-dollar camming industry. With us, your success is assured.
        We invite you to view some of our live webcam models so you will better understand how the system works.

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      • Securing Your Privacy as a Webcam Model

        The PERFORMER MANUAL is your BIBLE. Study It!!!
        Ensure to read through the Performer Manual Provided by 463Studio. You will find lots of useful tips, guides and rules that will ensure that your privacy is well protected. Included in the Performer Manual are instructions on how to setup Geographic Blocking and how to setup a Secure Phone Service. 

        Avoid Chatting About Local Current Events
        As a CamGirl, it is actually encouraged to have healthy chat with your clients. However, it is STRONGLY ADVISED TO KEEP YOUR CHAT VAGUE and NOT SPECIFIC on current local happenings and events which might give a clue to your location. You should avoid such topics altogether, but if that’s not possible, just don’t get specific.

        Links Provided by Customers Could Be “Trojan Horse”
        Never click on any links provided by your clients, as this could be a ploy to reveal your IP address which will give away your location, unless you’re using a proxy or VPN. If you do not know what a Proxy or VPN is and how to use it, simply stay away from clicking on links provided by your customers. However, some links could be harmless, but it is better to stay safe and secured. 

        Pay Close Attention to What Your Customers See Around You
        Pay close attention to the viewing background. Your viewers could easily get sensitive information about you by just looking around at the background in your broadcasting room. Never log-in to your personal accounts while your keyboard is visible to your guests on webcam. An observant viewer could easily grab your passwords and usernames by just watching you type on your keyboard.

        Sending Mail to A Customer
        There are times a customer might request to buy your panties, undies, autographed photos or they might just request for an article of yours via mail. As Webcam Model, you should expect lots of such requests.  This is obviously a viable business model, especially when you’ve got clients who worship you. However, there is a privacy risk involved. You should be aware that sending mails to your customers could make it easy for them to approximate your location via the postal service. 

        Trusting a regular customer

        That you should NEVER EVER reveal your true name (neither first name, last name nor both) to your customer customers cannot be over emphasized. Spending lots of time with clients might make you feel some sort of trust for them. Don’t fall for it. Keep your phone numbers, address, place of work, school, family, friends and other personal information to yourself!
        Have a FAKE ‘real name’ ready when prompted for your real name. This is the norm among smart and successful webcam models.


        Never share media from your real-life accounts with your fans
        Never share photos or videos that has ever been connected with any of your real life Social Media accounts with your fans. It’s very easy to link those media to your real life accounts using a simple Google Image search

        Stick to these rules to guarantee your privacy as a Webcam Model. This article will be constantly updated to reflect and proffer possible solutions to new privacy challenges. Safety first! 


        You only need a few things with a great attitude to get started.


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